Presenting FabRack Ukay

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Hi guys! I just wanna share this. 

I've been planning to establish this online store but  just couldn't have enough time and resources. But finally, yesterday my biz partner Mike & I were able to finish everything and upload the pictures of the items. So yesterday, September 18, 2011 signals the official launch of FabRack Ukay

I got the inspiration to put up this site/biz even before I saw UkayQueen & Ukay Manila's websites. 

I love ukay hunting & rummaging through different racks of clothes near our place and I found a lot of very nice pieces. I would like to have them all for myself if I could but not all those intricate & elegant designs & styles suit me. Aside from that, not everybody has the time and patience to battle with dust and strong scent of ukay. This is how the idea about this store came up. We wanna share those treasures to the rest of the world or world wide web DUST & HASSLE free. 

So guys & gals if you are interested or if you know anyone who might be interested you can tell them about this. 

Here are the links:

We are still continuously updating & improving everything so I hope you bear with us! 

Thank you so much for merely reading this!

hiatus from Ukay Hunting

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I've never been Ukay Hunting for more almost 2 months already. I miss rummaging through the racks & finally finding a great treasure. I miss the excitement & a gratified feeling from it.

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Oh when will I go there again?

tsk! tsk!

..a bit enouraged!


It's hard to go on with the 'online store' since workload & schoolwork overwhlems me. But I've just read this blog named YELLOWPOP so I'm a bit encouraged to continue it!

The blogger is making some acccesories made of beads & I was quite interested with some of her items.

Check her blog HERE.

First BUYER!!

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I've been busy these past few months so I wasn't able to go on with the 'online store'.

But anyway it still went on in a sluggish manner.

One of my colleagues became MY FIRST EVER buyer. Her name is SHEI & she bought the BLACK loose top labeled KOREA.

Unfortunately it wasn't on the list.

I sold it for 80.00!

I'll post a picture once I saw her wearing it!

Yehey! First Ever Potential Buyer!


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It's my ka blog and Fb friend (I also consider her a real life friend) APRIL PAƱA.

Thank you so much!

You don't how giddy you made me feel.

By the way she chose the ITEM # 13.


First Set


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Here are our products so far! I haven't finished drafting the pics yet. Also there are a lot to shoot. I hope I'll finish it wth my sister this coming weekend!

Ah! I'm so excited how this will turn out. But by just merely doing this site & the pictures & everything is already fulfilling. The will-be profit is just an icing to the cake.

I'm just a newbie with this kind of thing so please bear with me.



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I'm trying this new GIF images! I hope they'll work!

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Fave Ukay Find


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This Jacket is my ALL TIME Favorite UKAY Find.

I purchased this for ..guess how much?


I really wan to wear this everytime..but don't want to look the same everyday.


You know there are wonders & treasures in UKAY many wear out discovering. Don't worry that's why I'm here.

I'll find the best UKAY's in town deliver it to your doorstep dust & hassle free!