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I'm trying this new GIF images! I hope they'll work!

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Fave Ukay Find


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This Jacket is my ALL TIME Favorite UKAY Find.

I purchased this for ..guess how much?


I really wan to wear this everytime..but don't want to look the same everyday.


You know there are wonders & treasures in UKAY many wear out discovering. Don't worry that's why I'm here.

I'll find the best UKAY's in town deliver it to your doorstep dust & hassle free!

.still preparing



I apologize for the delay.
I'm still fixing things out. I have to buy new ukays..wash them..iron them & show them to you as presentable as possible.
I also have to take pictures of them of course.
I have to prepare everything so please bear with me.

Thrift Store


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staring out of clad in blue starbucks shirt bought in ... store for 100.00.(forgot the name of the store)

Dress, clothes, accesories. - UKAY STORE



On Thursday I'll get started with this business. Watch out guys.
Help me spread the word!
Follow me^^

Great Finds at affordable & reasonable price!

Chick & Girly outfits

Stylish. Mix & match! Make your own FASHION STATEMENT.

Colorful pieces of art.

You'll find them here!

Today is the day I''ll start this longtime dream.
help me make it happen.